Terms of service

Valid from February 1, 2021

Terms of service

In accordance with the efforts to continuously improve the quality of business and the satisfaction of our customers and business partners, you can send us your complaints or opinions in writing to ACEX Ltd., Jarška cesta 10B, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia or to the e-mail address vasb@nprk.fv.

Objection against an invoice

The deadline for objecting against an invoice is 8 days from the date of the invoice. Objections are accepted in writing to the address ACEX Ltd., Jarška cesta 10B, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. The undisputed part of the invoice must be settled despite the filing of an objection.

In the letter case, you state all key account data (subscriber data, account number), and disputed items. We will respond to your objection by mail, unless you indicate that you would like a response to your email address.

Late payments

If you miss a payment, we'll send you a reminder. If you do not settle the due obligations, we will act in accordance with the law and charge you default interest. We reserve the right to recover the amount due in court, together with the statutory default interest and court costs.

Intellectual property

The texts, their formatting and other graphics on this server are the property of ACEX Ltd., Jarška cesta 10B, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. The collection of data from this server for the purpose of reproduction, publications, sale or any kind of transmission in any form is prohibited without the written consent of the company. We will endeavor to publish accurate and up-to-date data, but we do not accept any liability for the accuracy of the data. All users use all published content at their own risk!


Email: vasb@nprk.fv